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Matrix - The Anso Credit Card Holder

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I just launched the the new version of the Matrix as a Kickstarter project!

I am proud to be able to present this new Anso gear product. A credit card holder I call The Matrix. I have been working on designing a credit card holder project for several years. Having made several prototypes I finally found the right solution for this product. The 4 main parts have been CNC milled from a 300 grams / 10.60 oz solid plate of titanium. The final product ends up being a 50 grams / 1.75 oz skeleton construction held together with 4 high grade stainless steel screws. The Matrix will hold anywhere from 1 to 6 credit cards as well a standard size business cards. For everyone who prefers carrying a slim package rather than a bulky wallet. Measures only slightly more than a regular credit card. Comes in a variety of color option mixing grey, bronze, blue and green colors as well as the fireblued option. Choose your individual color combination by choosing the color of the front/back and the inlayed spacers. The price is $250 each plus shipping (and VAT for those living inside the European Union).